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debian GNU/Linux on the Toshiba Satellite 2750DVD

This isnīt an Installation guide for Linux in general, itīs more about Hardware specific Configuration. The Term "Linux" in this Document means "debian GNU/Linux, potato". Most Stuff (like sound) runs out of the box, only the booby-traps are mentioned.


Boot with Boot/Root floppies, after that partition the HDD and install of the desired programs with exception of the XServer.
Under there is an XServer patched for the Savage/IX Chip. Unpack the archive and copy the XF86_SVGA file to /usr/X11/bin/.

X Configuration

The XServer is now ready for Setup.
My /etc/X11/XF86Config

PCMCIA Configuration

In the file /etc/pcmcia.conf, enter
  PCIC_OPTS "do_scan=0 irq_mask=0x3fff" 
to omit the scanning for free interrupts, which will cause the system to hang at boot.

Using PCMCIA Cards

I have the following PC Cards in use:

The internal Modem

The Notebook has a built in Lucent Mars Win-modem. Under there are several drivers for this type of modem.

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